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Big Jesus At Pride

Big Jesus wins award for the 'best community entry' in the parade.


We had a unique perspective on Jesus, His fame and renown. If the crowds were silenced even the stones would have cried out to Him. This must be what it was like for Jesus to enter Jerusalem, re-enacted for the benefit of his LGBT people... What does this say for us and for Him?  

We Are Reopening Sunday 25th July

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Extracts from Jim's Preach Image is Everything’

Taken from Song of Solomon: A book about the intimate relationship between two lovers symbolising the relationship between Jesus and those who love Him.

Words of the Beloved:

Kiss me—full on the mouth! Yes! For your love is better than wine, headier than your aromatic oils.

The syllables of your name murmur like a meadow brook. No wonder everyone loves to say your name!

Take me away with you! Let’s run off together! An elopement with my King my Lover! For your love is better than wine. Everyone loves you—of course! …

Don’t look down on me because my skin is darkened by the sun’s harsh rays. My brothers …sent me to work in the fields. They made me work hard ….I had no time to care for my own face.’

Words of the Lover:

You, fairest among women, my lover my friend, you’re beautiful.

Your beauty is too much for me—I’m in over my head. I’m not used to this! …..Your smile is generous, full and expressive, Your cheeks are soft and radiant.

A woman beyond compare. Pure and innocent as the day you were born.

According to the Genesis story God had created the heavens and the earth then, God who is male and female and so much more, created humanity. Humanity also is male and female and so much more. Humanity was in God’s image and all had the family likeness. For the purposes of the Genesis story humanity is symbolised by a man and a woman.

In Genesis it says that God told them to ‘Be fruitful and multiply’ and ‘fill the earth’. To do that they had to have lots and lots of sex. These were people made for each other.

God wanted humanity to enjoy the intimacy of sex, giving and receiving pleasure. They had no instructions or sex manuals. They seemed to know what to do instinctively.

The story tells us that this couple enjoyed a wonderful closeness to God. Unfortunately the story goes on to tell us that the couple were unfaithful to God and God separated from them and the rest of creation. It was a kind of divorce. The divorce papers said ‘irreconcilable differences’. And the couple had lost God’s image. You couldn’t see any resemblance to God in them.

God’s heart was broken. How could He reconcile this shattered relationship?

Then God sent His Son Jesus to reconcile the differences. Jesus brought humanity, back into the family of God.

Jesus took everything that was bad flawed and faulty in humanity and buried it. In exchange He gave to all of humanity who accepted it, his own purity and holiness. Jesus gave them His image

He restored the family likeness to them. Again they could have a wonderful closeness with God.

Jesus made a marriage covenant with humanity based solely upon trust. Those who welcomed Him became the Son of God’s bride. In God’s eyes He sees each one of us who loves Jesus as pure, innocent, without fault, unblemished, beautiful. He looks at us through the eyes of love.

In tonight’s reading the beloved looked at her face in a mirror and saw her skin was darkened by the sin. A dark sunburned face was the face of poverty, of someone who worked outside in the heat of the day. Her sunburned face told you a lot about her hard struggle to make ends meet. In that society tanned skin was looked down on.

The beloved looked in the mirror and didn’t like her dark sunburned face.

But the image that her lover saw was not what she saw. He didn’t see a face darkened by the sun’s rays. He didn’t see the damage done to her skin by the long hours in the searing heat.

Her lover called her fair, beautiful, a beauty almost too much for him. He said there was no one like her on earth, never was, never will be. He saw her as beautiful because he looked at her through eyes of love. To him she was as pure and innocent as the day she was born.

Song of Solomon, from which tonight’s reading came, is a parable, a story portraying a spiritual truth. A story whose main characters portray Jesus and the ones who love Him.

We are the ones who love Him and know His love. Because He looks through eyes of love He doesn’t see our imperfections.

Are we like the beloved one in the story who sees her dark tanned skin that comes from life lived in the wrong place at the wrong time. She focuses on the things she sees as wrong in the mirror.

She can’t see herself as her lover sees her.

Are we like her? Are we looking in the law mirror that shows up our every imperfection? Or are we reconciled to God in His Son realising He has given us the image of our lover Jesus?

Do we see ourselves as He sees us with a beauty beyond compare, pure in the image of Jesus?

In the beginning God said to humanity, his first creation, to be fruitful and multiply. Now God is saying to the new creation, united with Jesus be spiritually fruitful and multiply and fill the earth with heaven’s children, people who love His Son. And together with Jesus we can. We don’t need detailed instructions, we don’t need a manual. We just need Jesus.

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