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Blessings & Weddings


Blessings & Weddings

What Is a Blessing?


A blessing of relationship is a ceremony of the Church which seeks to symbolise, celebrate and affirm the love that a couple have for each other. The service allows the couple to declare their love for each other in the sight of God and in front of their friends, loved ones and family. The mutual love of the couple is symbolised in the promises made, the readings read, the prayers prayed, the music heard, the vows exchanged and the rings given. The blessing at the end of the service and in the presence of loved ones affirms the love of the couple and the whole service is a source of celebration.

A congreation in Lytham Road, Blackpool have welcomed us to use their church building for Blessings of Relationships. The church is well maintained and welcoming and has the potential to be set out for a reception if a couple wanted to do everything under one roof. There is plenty of parking and is in a good location.


Civil Partnerships


Liberty Church would be happy to conduct a Service of Blessing as a separate additional event - before or after any intended Civil Partnership to reflect the spiritual significance of the couple's commitment to each other. The General Register Office will tell you all you need to know about the legal requirements of a Civil Partnership in the UK. As the UK law presently stands, the formal ceremony of registering a Civil Partnership cannot be held in a place of worship. Recent legislation means that this will change in the near future.



As with a Civil Partnership we would be happy to perform a Service of Blessing for heterosexual couples before or after the registration of the Marriage at the Registry Office. The Blessing of the Marriage will reflect the spiritual significance of the couple's commitment to each other. The Registry Office will give you information about the legal requirements of a Marriage in the UK.

Initial Meeting with the Pastor or Minister

You can expect to spend about an hour when you meet with us. This will allow you time discuss your union and to talk about what you want to include in your service.

Linzi and Bobby getting hitched. Congratulations to them both.

Gerry and William tying the knot.

More recently Tamara and Wendy Married.


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